Monday, September 18, 2006

A Fond Farewell

Well, I think you all have gathered from my almost year long lack of posting, that I have put this blog at the bottom of my piroity list.

Well, I just came on, to announce that I will be leaving the blogosphere for good. No blogging, no comments, no nothing.

I think that the left is getting swamped by the right now, and I don't like it. Not to mention of course, the fact that the hatred and intolerance from the right is on an all time high. We have become a nation that would gladly elect Hitler, so he could keep the bludgers, maori's and gays in there place. This country is heading down a direction that I am uneasy about, and the behavior of politicians from both sides of the house are getting rather despicable. The togetherness and optimisim this country had at the start of the decade is long dead, and has turned into a melting pot of hatred, intolerance, unpleasentness and negativity, which is brought forward in talkback, on newspapers, the internet and in the pubs and clubs of this great nation. New Zealand used to have a deserved reputation as a laid back nation with a belief that everyone should be given a fair go, no matter what beliefs and background they were. Now we have New Zealanders saying that we should strip workers of protection, throw the poor on the street, send asylum seekers back to certain death in their own nation, hell, they even support taking the beaches from the average New Zealander, and giving them to fat rich white men as a place to park their boats (for the record the rich men at the Whangamata Yacht Club can go to hell. The rights of all New Zealanders to enjoy the beach are more important than their fancy yachts, In encourage all New Zealanders to take all means to stop them, even if it means violence.)

Anyway, this country is rapidly become a rather nasty place to live. The Right is pulling out all stops to take this country over. The landed gentry, foriegn owned big business, the theocracy (Hey, EB's, this earth was made by SCIENCE, and not an IMAGINARY MAN IN THE CLOUDS. Also, The EARTH revolves round the SUN, get it, you intolerent WANKERS.).

Anyway, here are some predictions for the New Zealand political scene in the future:

1) Don Brash will resign as National Party leader in the middle of next year. The offical story will be that he is under huge stress and wishes to take a break to be with his family. He will stay on as Finance Spokesman. John Key will become National Party leader.

2) The 2008 election will be as close as that of the 2005 election, and no less dirty. The Greens and the Maori Party will get more seats, with the latter winning all the Maori Seats. Labour will cut taxes in 2008, but there is going to be a fair amount of crap over it. United Future will try to take credit for it, but the amount of seats in Parliament that UF hold will be down to 1. ACT will be wiped out as National moves further to the right.

3) John Tamihere will return to politics, standing for the Maori Party, Winston Peters will regain Tauranga, but NZ First share of the vote will be slashed, to only 3 seats, including himself. He will not stand for the 2011 election thus retiring, after which he will be appointed as the chairman of an SOE or as a diplomat. His party will finish with him

Well, its been an enjoyable time on the blogosphere, and continue to opine about things. I will still be around, working on my new project, my podcast, The Atomic Cafe (


Unions, non-violence, Fair working conditions, strikes, MMP, public health and Education, National Radio, public service TV, welfare, National Parks, strong councils, all rule.

The free market sucks.

See you all round.