Wednesday, September 14, 2005

All Hail our new National Corporate Overlords - Part 2

It looks like National is going to win the election. After a tough campaign which has seen almost everything, the latest poll shows National in front with 2 days to go.

National is going to win it, bar a miracle. National will govern with United Future, supported by New Zealand First. Peter Dunne will be Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Revenue.

The only thing for the left to do now, is fall back, regroup, and have another crack in 2008, (and yes, my 'blood on the streets' comment still holds - if we can get enough riots, strikes, protests, and civil disobendence going, we can hold up his administration enough to win in 2008 without too much damage being done).

I think the left should take a National win with dignity and humility, and NOT LET THE RIGHT RUB IT IN. As I said before, we fall back, regroup and have another crack.

As for me, I will be shutting down this blog after the election. Im not going to let you right wingers spam this blog with "We Won You Lost" messages.

I wish my fellow bloggers the best of luck with blog-related affairs after the election - I will be floating round in the comments - and if you are involved with the campaign, have a good one..