Monday, July 25, 2005

You know...

There should be a list of employers and business owners who oppose unions and fairer labour laws. Those people should be exposed and discredited for promoting worker expolitation and slavery. I would even start one now.

The owner of the Yello Cafe in Centre City, New Plymouth has opposed fairer labour laws for workers.

The owner of the Swandri factory, in Waitara, tried to get out of paying out its redundant workers by taking them to court for minor charges.

These people will be exposed. Treating workers like shit is wrong, and anyone who thinks it is OK needs to be taken out the back and shot.


At 12:20 AM, Anonymous clarks clit said... are the biggest homo...(and not in that good way..) I know. Grow a dick you bed wetting boy botherer...Clark is a lessy and sucks you...ha ha!.

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous millsy said...

Whats with all the nastyness on here?

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Justin said...

Make sure you post that list so I know which businesses to frequent.

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous tincanman said...

Agreed, publish the list so we can go support honest business men. People who will work for their money rather than throw tantrums and beg the government to give it to them.

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous millsy said...

Justin, and Tincanman, I now assume that you guys condone slavery,expolitation of workers and slashing of wages.

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Millsy asks, "Whats with all the nastyness on here?"

Millsy, maybe it's caused by people who say things like, "anyone who thinks it is OK needs to be taken out the back and shot."

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention slavery a lot. Can you give us a definition?

Would you agree that it's someone who's prevented from keeping all of the product of their labour?

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous tincanman said...

[grins] You forgot to delete the dissenting opinions from this post, Millsy. Come on, honest, hard working people have dared to voice an opinion that you don't agree with and you haven't deleted it yet.

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just dont get it...what is wrong with slave labour?
Jeez if it was'nt for sweat shops, I might have had to find a job. At least Dad left me plenty.

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think you are on the cusp of some great revolution? I have NEVER been a member of a union, and I have been able to find work whenever I look for it, i dont get paid the minimum wage, I dont have to work 90 hrs a week. I am not a slave, you are a sad fuck for believing that "Unions protect workers" BULLSHIT!!

My dad was in a union, every year he would be out of work for a couple of months becuase some union cunt decided that an 8 hour work day was excessive! He couldnt leave the union, he tried to once, tried to get work to FEED HIS FAMILY, the union thugs threatened his life, they beat him worse than Blumsky!!

Thats unions for you, they are mobs!! Run by crooks, they arent there to protect workers, far from it! The union is there for the union bosses, not the workers.

Your marxist views are laughable, and obviously based in a wank-induced fantasy about the Good Old Days of union power.

I will never join a union, I will never hire a union member. Fcuk unions and fuck you retard!

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Justin said...

(sarcasm) Millsy, yes, I simultaneously support both slavery AND the slashing of wages. Less wages for slaves! (/sarcasm)

Look, your question leaves no doubt you're of feeble intellect. The question for me is: where are you getting these your ideas from? Who is your organ grinder, little monkey?


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