Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A few thoughts..

1) I have never heard or seen anyone from the National party stating their committment to having a universal taxpayer-funded health and education system.

2) While we are all quick to protest the upcoming New Zealand cricket tour of Zimbabwe everyone is rather silent about the upcoming New Zealand basketball tour of China.

3) Amid all the calls for cuts to income taxes, why arent any of the parties (and most of the bloggers) calling for a cut in GST, a tax that penalises a lot of New Zealanders, especially when it comes to the essentials.

4) Ashraf Choudary's comments about stoning on the Sunday TV show is not winning Labour any credit.

5) Rumours are abound that John Kerry threw the 2004 election. Could we be hearing the same rumours this time next year with regards to Labour?

6) The Right has a point about Helen Clark. She is dishonest, forgoes her principles for power, stifiles dissent or opposing views in her caucus, disagrees with you publicly and agrees with you privately and is bascially a control freak. Moreover, she fails to inspire the people in this country. The only reason why she is still leader and Prime Minister is because there is no-one better, and the Rogernomes still hold sway in caucus.

7) Why do the right repeatedly accuse this government of having a "socialist" agenda when said agenda is anything but?

8) Why isnt the Labour Party, along with the Greens hitting back more strongly in the light of National's rise in the polls?? (I refer you to question 5)

9) Why do people accuse Labour of being full of gays and lesbians and having a homosexual agenda when there are only 2 gay men in the Labour caucus?

10) New Zealand has the 3rd highest rate of child abuse in the Western World. Is it any wonder that people are calling for section 59 to be repealed. After all, if I thrash an adult with a jug cord I can expect to go to prison, yet if I do the same with a jug cord to a child, I get off scot free?

11) Why does depriving the right of a worker to seek redress for grievances for the first 90 days of a job some how gives them a better chance of getting a job?? Why doesnt the Right realise that it would just lead to 90 days of expoitation and maltreatment without a right to complain about it?? And why dont people get the fact that it is actually *wrong*?

12) Why is United Future so nasty toward the Green Party??


At 11:08 PM, Blogger David Farrar said...

1) If universal means 100% taxpayer funded, then no party outside the Alliance supports this.

2) China is not a democracry but relatively benign compared to Mugabe's regime.

3) Because GST is not as high as other tax rates.

4) Indeed not.

5) Umm what Kerry rumours are these? News to me.

6) A good description.

7) Labour have moved against the private sector at every opportunity which is fairly socialist to me.

8) No ammo?

9) A party is more than a caucus.

10) One can ban jug cord thrashing without repealign S59.

11) Because it is a *huge* risk to take on a new employee and small employers especially can not afford the risk of employing someone who will cost them a shitload if not up to the job.

12) Don't know.

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous millsy said...

Surely every worker is entitled to protection from maltreatment and expolitation??

What do you think should a worker do if he is treated like dirt and fired for no apparent reason and cannot take a greivance??

At 2:43 AM, Blogger David Farrar said...

Choose his or her next employer more carefully.

The notion that employers will sack all their staff every 90 days to avoid PGs is rather silly. It costs employers a huge amount of money to recruit and train staff - they wish to keep them as long as they are competent. If someone is continually getting sacked in the 1st 90 days, well perhaps there is an issue ...

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Millsy said...

SO you are willing to strip a worker's right to take a personal greivance and strip all protections from expolitation??

Why dont you just say you want to ban unions and bring back slavery while youre at it?

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous James said...

Millsy...David is trying to debate with you as a rational human being...I however am not that are a deluded, mad cunt.Get in the real world for fucks sake you dropped on your head at birth doornob!

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous James said...

Although to be fair I agree with him on no.3, the GST issue.The party that chops this down and explains that all kiwis and especially the poorest will be better off because of it will win votes big time...

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Gina said...

You bring up good points, but when it comes to debating them you don't seem to actually take in what someone else has to say.

Nonetheless, I just want to say that "After all, if I thrash an adult with a jug cord I can expect to go to prison, yet if I do the same with a jug cord to a child, I get off scot free?"

Uhm, pretty sure they can't? And if they do, its because of a failure in the system... which, funnily enough, occurs too often. How about fixing the main cause of the problem? Changing legislation isn't going to do much if CYPFS can't do their job properly anyway.

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous millsy said...

It will send the message that violence against children is wrong. Violence against kids is not a right.


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