Thursday, July 28, 2005

Long live Chairperson Helen.

The way the Right has been carrying on about the Labour Government, you could be forgiven that we have been going through a repeat of Mao's Cultural Revolution/Great Leap Forward in the past 6 years.

These rightwingers should live in a *real* communist country to see what life is like. Natually, if they started up a blog attacking the administration, I cannot imagine they would be alive for very long. I would imagine them lying in a pool of blood and vomit in some god forsaken prison cell after being given a good going over by the secret police, before being shipped off to a prison farm, to spend the rest of their life tilling the soil - and in true Maoist fashion, being known by a number instead of thier name.

I wish the right could get a grip.

And if any right-winger quotes George Orwell again, I am going to vomit. Yes, in 1984 and Animal Farm, he sends out warning about communist dictatorships, but until the day he died, he remained a democratic socialist.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where are Nationals Moderates??

It seems to National has been taken over buy neo-convervative, Ayn Rand-reading, Freidmanite fundamentalists.

Where are the National supporters who belive that taxpayer funds should be used to help the less fortunate, to ensure that the weak, the old and the young arent penalised?

Where are the National supporters who belive in capitalism and markets but also belive that they must have checks and balances to ensure that that society is benefited and not expolited?

Where are the National supporters who belive in low taxes and not-too large government, but not at the expense of a quality taxpayer funded health and education system, as well as decent infrastructure to hold the country together?

Where are the National supporters who belive in voluntary trade unions and flexibile labour laws but who also belive in the right of workers to organise, and protections to stop expolitative practises and ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity?

Where are the National supporters who belive in family values and togetherness, yet belive in tolerance, understanding and respect of the sexuality and lifestyles of others?

Where are the National supporters who belive in closer relations to our allies, but who belive that we should not have to kowtow to their every wish and whim?

Where are the National supporers who belive in property rights, but also belive that does not absolve anyone of the responsibilities to ensure that property is taken care of for future generations?

Where are the National supporters who look upon Holyoake, and not Richardson as their inspiration?

Where are the National supporters who have no time for free market economics, supply side BS, and privatising everything in sight?

Or am I talking out of my ass??

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Don Brash..

The master stroke that Chris Trotter wanted is finally here..the best present for students after a long wait - the wiping of student loan interest from 2006. It will take a sizable axe to the student debt problem that makes Don Brash's pussy rebate look whimpish in comparison.

Interest free loans for tertiary education - a good thing in my opinion, a great thing - this is pretty much the next best thing to the cutting of fees. It will slash student debt, and ensure that there is a finite amount to pay off.

For example, a student burrows $2500 to do a one-year business course. Gets a job, and bada bing, loan is paid faster.

Of course the right are doing their sky will fall in routine, saying that it will encourage students to burrow to the max (like they dont already do), and the bleating about sending the wrong incentive *yawn*.

This is why Labour resisted calls to cut taxes for the rich, its because we have more important things to do, and if you dont like it, you can get fucked. Really.

Happy days are here again...

Intrest-free student loans
Publicly owned railways
Publicly owned airline,
fair labour laws,
right wingers getting tortured in prison and discredited elsew.....oops, thats wishful thinking.

Your turn, Dr Brash.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Condemnation Of Child Abuse

In the light of various right wing bloggers who obviously think that it is competly OK for a woman to beat her son with a riding crop, among other instruments, and indeed parents to beat their kids in general, and most of all, it is also OK for her to allow a convicted sex offender to live with her daughter.

There is something in the mentality of these people that is sickening. As sickening as hearing parents boast about giving their children "hidings" or "the bash".

Let me make this clear, violence against children, sexual, physical or mental is completely wrong and unjustifiable. It is wrong to hit children, whether it be with a fist, jug cord, 4 by 2 or iron bar. "Disipline" is not justifiable - there are other ways to control children without hitting them. Children must be protected from this ghastly act, and from their own parents if nessesary.

I do not see physical violence as "loving" I do not see how swearing and screaming at children as "loving", there are better ways to show our children love and affection without beating the pulp out of them.

This country has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the world, it also has one of the highest rates of violent crime and in generally, has a casual attitude towards violence.

Child abuse is a disease that must be stamped out. I call on all bloggers, left and right, to condemn violence against kids, and in generally, try to be more nicer to them. I do this in the interest of children. They have a right to live without fear of having the crap beaten out of them. by their parents. The woman who beat her son with a riding crop must realise that she needs to stop being violent towards her child and be nice to him.

Perhaps if people physically stop parents from beating their kids in public, it will make a difference.

Violence is wrong, especially when it is againt people who cannot fight back.

And here we go...!!!!!!!!!

September 17th - the election date......its going to be a dirty fight, judging from what has been said, especially from the other side. And so, here we quarter given or asked for, a fight to death and every party for itself. The prize? The future direction of this country.

This is the big one, 007! *deep breath*.

Both sides realise the stakes at hand - it is the first geniune contest in 25 years!

I think its going to be roughly 50-50 all the way to D-Day (or E-day).

Just a clarification.

I may have said a few things about active political action, but that stops short of condoning or inciting the assault on Mark Blumsky over the weekend.

The assault on Blumsky was a cowardly attack on a man who was going about his business, and while I belive that the assault was more the result of a bunch of drunks deciding to look for someone to "bash" than anything else, I think that people of all political persuasions can agree that such attacks, whether on political figures or ordinary people are intolerable.

In bipartisan sprit, I give Blumsky my best wishes and I hope that he makes a full and swift recovery, and that I hope the next thrashing he gets will be in the metaphorical confines of the ballot box.

You know...

There should be a list of employers and business owners who oppose unions and fairer labour laws. Those people should be exposed and discredited for promoting worker expolitation and slavery. I would even start one now.

The owner of the Yello Cafe in Centre City, New Plymouth has opposed fairer labour laws for workers.

The owner of the Swandri factory, in Waitara, tried to get out of paying out its redundant workers by taking them to court for minor charges.

These people will be exposed. Treating workers like shit is wrong, and anyone who thinks it is OK needs to be taken out the back and shot.

Brash is anti-worker

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Unions or slavery

It is a fact that right wingers want to ban unions.

For the sole purpose that the elimination of unions would lead to mass expolitation, low pay, sweatshops and slavery. I fail to see how running down wages and conditions and depriving workers of a democratic right is good.

Slavery is wrong.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

National must be stopped at all costs..

They have now indicated that they will cut funding for doctors visits. It is an example of how they dont care about humanity.

National must be stopped - now. I call out to everyone who is left to unite together and keep Don Brash out of power - even if it means industrial paralysis, civil disobedience and blood on the streets. Labour, Alliance, Greens, GPJA, CTU, EPMU, NDU, SFWU, Forest and Bird, Public Health coalition, NZEI, PPTA, all these organization and more must put their differences aside and fight Don Brash. Even if it means breaking the law.

Don Brash is the spritual heir to Douglas, Prebble, Birch and Richardson. He must be brought down.

Friday, July 22, 2005

My crack at a billboard...

Speaks for itself, doesnt it?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

National's Student Loan Interest Tax Rebates (Part 1)

As a former student who owes his soul to the company store, this is probably alright.

Though, I am going to have a hard time deciding how I am going to spend my $20 IRD rebate cheque.

Try harder Brash. Your policy is, in your own words, *Baloney*.

Everyone knows that the cause of student debt is low wages, high fees and restrictive allowances.


Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombings, Part 2

24 hours after the events of 8/7, as the events may well be called, the politicians, bloggers and the media commentators go into default mode. The Book of 21st Century Media and Political Clichés is a book that everyone should have – if not already.

Let’s look at the Right First. The Right have their usual brain dump about how we must all stand up to terrorism, and that anything short of bombing them to microbes is soft on them and will only encourage them even further to blow more shit up. The Right-Wing newspaper editorials will say a few strong tut-tut words lamenting the rise of “Islamofascism”, and how the introduction of western values at gunpoint will see the “ragheads” put down their guns and bombs and start being good little capitalists, and presumably, start selling hashish to western tourists, among certain other things. Deborah Coddington, the Strumpet (sorry span, but I couldn’t help myself) has somehow used the tragedy to praise the free market, and at the same time, put the boot into the old Post Office, for a reason unbeknown to myself apart from the fact that she cannot seem to help herself, which seems to explain why she uses the term “Collectivist” as well.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the left. They do the usual “my heart goes out to London” routine, and the usual “They deserved it” argument, which is just going to play into the hands of the right. Yeah, hitching our wagon to Islamic extremism is going to win us support all right. Support when it comes to making ourselves easy targets, especially for the simple minded “you’re either with us or against us” type.

Then you have the eyewitnesses. Those who, in seeking their 15 mins of fame, head for the nearest microphone and TV camera and describe what they saw or heard, something like, “I heard this huge bang, and there were people screaming...” To be fair tho, being witness to a terror attack is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

And there is the media. This can all be summed up in 3 words: “Oh the Humanity!!!!”

And of course, there are the analysts. Who give a Dr Strangelove like perspective on what is happening.

The hype and grandstanding that the bombings have produced is really getting to me, and thus I have chosen to mainly ignore it. Simply because, this is all going to result in the following things:

1) Tony Blair will not stand down as Labour leader next year as popular opinion has it. Rather, he will bounce back in the polls and will be portrayed as a strong leader, rallying Britain in a war on terror.
2) Legislation concerning the establishment of a national ID card will be passed, with support from all major parties in the House of Commons after previously having large opposition.
3) Other draconian “anti-terror” legislation, concerning detention without trial or charge, banning of peaceful assembly, distribution of literature, etc will also be passed with overwhelming support.
4) Civil liberties will be a thing of the past.
5) Legitimate protesters rallying against the G8 summit will be thrown in jail and tortured
6) UK will increase its involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other “terrorist hot-spots” around the world.
7) Violence against peace loving moderate Muslims will increase, especially in Europe and the UK

Yes, all those wonderful things. How convenient. Your blood maybe boiling by now and you are flexing your fingers Liberace-style in readiness for a truly nasty post, but I really make no apology. You see, I am just sick to death of all the hype surrounding this, both by the media and by bloggers, and by politicians. I am sick of the grandstanding my all concerned. I’m sick of people using this as a big excuse to climb into legitimate organisations who give a damn about humanity. I am sick of people using this to carry on with the cycle of violence that is just going to keep on going until the US and the UK, realise that they should actually leave countries alone and let them conduct their own affairs. I am sick of people pretending to be oh so sad about the bombing where the same amount of people get killed in Baghdad each week due to car bombings. There are people out there who are not going to be happy until the Middle East, and 90% of the rest of the world, is radioactive glass, and judging by the way people are acting, that is going to happen very soon.

PS: I did a spell check.

London Bombings..

38 families have lost sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers, last night, as London is rocked by rush-hour explosions in the underground.

Its a sad day, which isnt really going to be helped by politicians grandstanding with "We shall not give in" cliches or the hype that the 21st century media brings to events like this.

Probably the only people who benefits from attacks like these are people who are rapidly losing credibility due to various scandals and have taken a hit in elections and opinion polls, sometimes due to unpopular policies. This usually gives them the oppurtunity to make a few "We shall overcome the hate, violence and fear speeches", rally the nation and crack down on the guity. Problem solved and he wins more votes in the next election.

Dont you think it is a little co-incidental that the attacks come in the midst of a plan by Blair to introduce a national ID card, which has has notable opposition??? What about the plan to pull British troops out of Iraq??

Call me what you like, but I am really sick of all the war on terror BS and related media hype.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

National -- Facists, every one of them..

And you should be very worried about what is going to happen to this country when they get in.

Wages will go down.
Our schools and hospitals will be starved of funds.
Basic protections for workers will be eroded, and expolitation and slavery will be the norm.
Pensions and benefits will be cut.
Workers will be forced to work public holidays without extra pay.

And that is what is going to happen by lunchtime.

Do yourself a favour. Vote Labour.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A few thoughts..

1) I have never heard or seen anyone from the National party stating their committment to having a universal taxpayer-funded health and education system.

2) While we are all quick to protest the upcoming New Zealand cricket tour of Zimbabwe everyone is rather silent about the upcoming New Zealand basketball tour of China.

3) Amid all the calls for cuts to income taxes, why arent any of the parties (and most of the bloggers) calling for a cut in GST, a tax that penalises a lot of New Zealanders, especially when it comes to the essentials.

4) Ashraf Choudary's comments about stoning on the Sunday TV show is not winning Labour any credit.

5) Rumours are abound that John Kerry threw the 2004 election. Could we be hearing the same rumours this time next year with regards to Labour?

6) The Right has a point about Helen Clark. She is dishonest, forgoes her principles for power, stifiles dissent or opposing views in her caucus, disagrees with you publicly and agrees with you privately and is bascially a control freak. Moreover, she fails to inspire the people in this country. The only reason why she is still leader and Prime Minister is because there is no-one better, and the Rogernomes still hold sway in caucus.

7) Why do the right repeatedly accuse this government of having a "socialist" agenda when said agenda is anything but?

8) Why isnt the Labour Party, along with the Greens hitting back more strongly in the light of National's rise in the polls?? (I refer you to question 5)

9) Why do people accuse Labour of being full of gays and lesbians and having a homosexual agenda when there are only 2 gay men in the Labour caucus?

10) New Zealand has the 3rd highest rate of child abuse in the Western World. Is it any wonder that people are calling for section 59 to be repealed. After all, if I thrash an adult with a jug cord I can expect to go to prison, yet if I do the same with a jug cord to a child, I get off scot free?

11) Why does depriving the right of a worker to seek redress for grievances for the first 90 days of a job some how gives them a better chance of getting a job?? Why doesnt the Right realise that it would just lead to 90 days of expoitation and maltreatment without a right to complain about it?? And why dont people get the fact that it is actually *wrong*?

12) Why is United Future so nasty toward the Green Party??