Tuesday, June 28, 2005

All Heil our new National Corporate Overlords

As I said in my previous post - from the polls it looks like National could very well be our next government. Some thing which I look upon with dread. I know for a fact that wages, health and education spending, welfare, anything you can think of, will be cut...our manufacturing sector will move en bloc to China (National will let them go), and the country will be sold off to foriegners. Including the Railways - again. *sigh*.

The left looks to be rather impotent in the face of an evil union and worker hating center-right, and Labour's dropping of the ball on tax cuts has not helped things at all.

And New Zealand First. Now, lets get this straight - I dont hate New Zealand First as much as my fellow left wingers - I do actually agree with Winston on immigration, and New Zealand First has a lot of good policies. However, going into power with the very people who you said you would throw out of office isnt too good a move, and I would bet you anything that he would go with National again. To people voting NZFirst - A vote for Winston is a vote for National. You may be uncomfortable with civil unions, dont come crying to me if your friend dies on the floor of an underfunded A and E department (underfunded to pay for tax cuts).

That said, its still a long way till September - Labour still has time to recoup and and steal the election. And there is the Green Party. The Green party will enable a center left government to be formed if the combined appartus of Labour, Jim Anderton and the Greens get 50% + 1. And thats what you need.

This is going to go right down to the wire.....I dare not look.

I hear Venuzeula is pleasant this time of the year........Viva Chavez!!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tertiary Education Stuff

Well, this all but confirms that the Labour Gov. has no intention on reducing Teritary Edcuation Fees.

This taken from an e-mail from Trevor Mallard:

Tertiary education is a priority area for New Zealand, but the government must weigh very carefully any decisionsthat will see further funds diverted from other priority areas. There area wide range of competing demands on the government's resources and we are not in a position to make large fee reductions for tertiary education courses.

Pretty much an addmission that they do no intend even lowering fees, much less getting rid of them entirely. Might as well put your placards away guys, unless you have the support of the MSM, Big Business or "Middle New Zealand", you have no hope.

Sadly, this Labour goverment is too spineless to put through a geninuely left-wing progressive agenda. From where I am looking Labour has made some policy aimed at its core supporters that has bettered the lot of the workers and those on low/no incomes but has gone through great pains not to offend the MSM, big and small business and the "Mortgage Belt/Middle New Zealand". And I think its ended up just about pissing everyone off. The only reason why National isnt in power, is because we all know what happened under National.

Unfortunately Labour's softly softly apporach, and the fact that it has handed the early initative to National on a plate with the tax cut issue, could very well see National come to power this year. In fact, bar some miracle, I think they will. And I think National could very well pick up where Douglas, Prebble, Richardson and Birch left off.

Hmmmm....perhaps the students should save their placards till this time next year then..