Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tamihere Loses It

You ever get the feeling that John Tamihere joined the wrong party? I do. I really think he should have joined National. His praise for John Key, his union-bashing (give it a rest!), and his past suggestions about welfare privatisation make him a prime candidate for National. I dont know why the guy joined Labour. He has never said anything in support of workers, unions and public health and education.

Im not really a passionate advocate (on either side) of the so-called family values/moral issues/social issues debate, but I think that JT was rather out of line with his comments about gays, lesbians and women. I may be a red-blooded heterosexual male, but that doesnt give me a licence to call gays "tossers" and "queers". Do we really want a guy like him in a Labour Cabinet. I certainly dont. Labour is hopless enough without that guy bashing unions and workers every 5 minutes. If I had my way, JT would have been sent down the road years ago.

He probably wont resign, but he should. I'm sure the National Party (or even ACT), would welcome him.