Monday, November 15, 2004

Labour - NOT Humanity's Shining Light

A few words regarding the Labour Party's conference:

If Labour really gave a damn about this nation, they would have

- Made a committment to keep our infrastructual assets in public hands
- Made a committment to turn our health system into one that serves the New Zealand public and heals the sick, and where doctors and nurses have input into the way it is run, and not business people
- Made a committment to slashing tertiary education fees
- Read Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and give schools enough funding to give children a free education. It would also ensure our teachers are well paid, and take steps to keep our education as a public service and good.
- Ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity and paid a fair wage
- Ensure that every New Zealander who wants a job has one, and that those who arent able to work are given enough money to live a dignified existence
- Ensure that New Zealand jobs in manufacturing are preserved by keeping out of free trade agreement with slave nations
- Incresed our state house stock, and make sure that everyone who wants a state house gets one.

This is the way to fix New Zealand. And we can do it. If only we had the will....

Unfortunately, Labour seems intent on half-pie wishy washy measures

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Im not keen on road tolls and cutting local content on TVNZ as well....


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