Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fighting them on the beaches...the foreshore and seabed debate.

The foreshore and seabed bill has passed, and the crown will own the beaches, and the iwi elite will never aspire to their sick plans to stop New Zealanders from accessing the beaches to enjoy the kiwi tradition of a barbie. This can only be a good thing. Ownership by the public of our national resources and treasure can only be a good thing. My fellow lefties trust in iwi to preserve public access is misguided and naive. One only need to look at what various iwi in the East Coast and the tribal owners of Mt Tawarewa have used their so-called property rights for to realise that iwi do not see public access as paramount. Same goes with all iwi attempts to claim on public conservation land such as the lakes of Rotorua. Public Access can only be gauranteed with public ownership.

However, I am unconvinced with National's stance. Why? The National Party is rather vocal about iwi ownership, but silent on millionaire and foriegn ownership. Its OK for a US millionaire to own the beaches and not OK for Maori to own the beaches. I dont trust National and I never will.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Rich said...

If we had a robust right-to-roam law (the Swedish Allemansrätt - see http://www.sverigesnarmastenorrland.nu/engelska/allemanseng.htm is a good model) then it wouldn't really matter who owned the land.

The question I always ask when people object to land rights is whether, had your granny's land been confiscated on a dubious pretext, you wouldn't want it back?

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Iwi said...

o.k. then, lets all take a teak to Millsy house and camp out on his back yard, light fires and build a barbeque, leave rubbish all over this place and piss in his stream and cut down the trees in his back yard, drive off-road vehicles over his grass and tear it up and see if he isn’t screaming to the law to have us all removed.
Or is that one of the kiwi traditions you are on about?
Lets see, its one rule for you and another for everyone else isn’t it Millsy?


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