Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The One About Civil Unions

Well, I suppose I had better put up some sort of commentary about the Civil Union Bill currently due to be voted by parliament.

The thing is though, I'm not really for or against the bill, beliving that there are more important fights to be had over the next few month, such as the level of child poverty, school funding, and a free trade agreement with China that threatens our jobs. Not some fancy-pancy bit of social legislation, which all in all, is merely going to just enable people to put their defacto (homo or hetero) partner down as their next of kin, and so, I just perch uncomfortably on the fence, and watch the fundies slog it out...

In saying that though, I dont think there is anything romantic about getting down on one knee and asking "babe, will you enter a civil union with me?", and I think a bigger threat to the concept and institution to marriage than the gay community is the fact that so many people are getting married for the wrong reasons, whether it be "for the sake of the kids", where there's money involved, i.e. for student allowances, permanent residency, etc, or simply for security, or to settle. I don't see the Brian Tamaki's in this world rally against the numbers of Asian women flooding into the nation and marrying men purely to be able to stay in the country, or the people who see marriage as "just a piece of paper".

Marriage is a symbol of a couples love and committment to one another, and I belive that that is the underlying value of taking those vows, and I belive that couples should marry out of committment and love for one another, not to stay in the country, get a student allowance, or to get half their stuff..

Anyway, it's D-day on Thursday...the vote will be taken, and after then, Ill sit back and see if civilisation does collapse.

Chances are, it wont...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Deborah Coddington - Strumpet Extrodinaire!

Generally, I dont approve of striking females, and will never strike a woman as long as I live. HOWEVER, I would gladly make an exception for Ms Deborah Coddington, the ACT MP who has made several interesting comments about how unions are evil and workers should have no protections whatsoever, etc and so. Her latest drivel ridden out burst, is the fact that in a 7th form NCEA exam, there were two questions, referring to how a state-run education system results in a better allocation of resources than a free market, and how the free market creates inequalites.

Well firstly, I belive that there should be a publicly run free education system in this country, and anyone who doesnt need to have the shit kicked out of them and be made to write Article 26(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights out on a black board 1000 times. After that, they should be deported, or made to keep their evil, disgusting, hateful opinions to themselves.

The fact is, more people in this country have been able to get an education when this country had a public school system which PLACED THE EDUCATION OF STUDENTS at the forefront of its agenda (and didnt ram God or Jesus or both down kids throats 24-7). In the 19th century, kids, especially those on low incomes, relied on the condacendence of charity and philanthropists to get an education.

The thing that is wrong with our education system is insufficent funding, and a system which penalises poorer schools and rewards rich ones. Our schools would be OK if they just got the money they desperately needed, and had teachers that could do the job and were paid accordingly. For a start the decile funding system and the ERO setup gives some schools a stigma and thus are referred to as "failing schools", and that they should be shut down so the children can be sent to rich schools like Auckland Grammar.

All schools should be turned into great schools wherever they are. We need a public education system that puts our children first, and not profit and not "God" or "Jesus" or profit. We do that by scrapping the decile funding system, and giving every school in the nation a funding increase. We do that by ending government funding to private schools and plowing it into the public sector. We give the schools enough cash so as not to have to charge fees. We end the disgusting practise of competition between schools for students, and most importantly, we rid the school system of any resemblance of the free market. I belive that the Spotswood Colleges, and the Otahuhu Colleges of this world are just as important to the country as the Auckland Grammar's and the Christ's College's of this nation.

So, to Deb Coddington, I say to you. Rot in hell you little bitch. Our public schools will never be privatised, and your sick plans to destroy our public education system will be met with a resistance that will make you cry.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fighting them on the beaches...the foreshore and seabed debate.

The foreshore and seabed bill has passed, and the crown will own the beaches, and the iwi elite will never aspire to their sick plans to stop New Zealanders from accessing the beaches to enjoy the kiwi tradition of a barbie. This can only be a good thing. Ownership by the public of our national resources and treasure can only be a good thing. My fellow lefties trust in iwi to preserve public access is misguided and naive. One only need to look at what various iwi in the East Coast and the tribal owners of Mt Tawarewa have used their so-called property rights for to realise that iwi do not see public access as paramount. Same goes with all iwi attempts to claim on public conservation land such as the lakes of Rotorua. Public Access can only be gauranteed with public ownership.

However, I am unconvinced with National's stance. Why? The National Party is rather vocal about iwi ownership, but silent on millionaire and foriegn ownership. Its OK for a US millionaire to own the beaches and not OK for Maori to own the beaches. I dont trust National and I never will.

Regarding my post about the labour party conference..

A wholesale renationalisation of our electricity network, including the de-corporatisation of the state-owned power companies and transpower should also be considered, and the big one.....renationalisation of Telecom's line network. (they can keep the retail arm) should also be on the cards. More details about this idea shortly.

A free trade agreement with China..

Thats all we fucking need. Lets see, a country which has extremely lax labour and environmental standards, sweatshops, child labour, no free trade union movement, and the human rights record of Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa and Fasict Italy. Helen Clark is going to sell Neew Zealand Workers down the river, and all because our farmers want to sell those chink bastards their meat and milk.

Well, I can tell you right now what is going to happen. There will be, in the words of Ross Perot, a great sucking sound, as New Zealand jobs, that are highly paid and unionized with generous benefits are lost of slave labour in China. Chinese workers cannot join unions, arent entitled to the benefits and protections that NZ workers enjoyed and are subjected to regular beatings. Is that good?? No, it is not. It is not good for workers to be treated like that, and the chinese need to realise that workers should be treated with respect and dignity, and have that concept beaten into them, if nessesary. Treating workers like dirt belongs in the 19th century, and a free trade agreement with China is nothing less than an endorsement of that archaic concept.

New Zealand needs high paying unionised jobs, and we should fight to keep them. Tell Helen to stick that free trade agreement up her ass. If she goes through with this agreement, thousands of New Zealanders will lose their jobs, and thousands more New Zealanders will have their wages and conditions systematically slashed. Our manufacturing sector will vanish over night, and the doors of Fisher and Paykel will shut. That is not good, New Zealand needs a manufacuring sector, and anyone who disagrees can rot in hell..

Those people who applaud China, probably would have applauded Nazi Germany in the 1930's. They are no different. Peas in a pod. Never let that go. China is bad news. Dont go there Helen. Keep New Zealanders in jobs.

Those chink bastards can rot in hell.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Labour - NOT Humanity's Shining Light

A few words regarding the Labour Party's conference:

If Labour really gave a damn about this nation, they would have

- Made a committment to keep our infrastructual assets in public hands
- Made a committment to turn our health system into one that serves the New Zealand public and heals the sick, and where doctors and nurses have input into the way it is run, and not business people
- Made a committment to slashing tertiary education fees
- Read Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and give schools enough funding to give children a free education. It would also ensure our teachers are well paid, and take steps to keep our education as a public service and good.
- Ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity and paid a fair wage
- Ensure that every New Zealander who wants a job has one, and that those who arent able to work are given enough money to live a dignified existence
- Ensure that New Zealand jobs in manufacturing are preserved by keeping out of free trade agreement with slave nations
- Incresed our state house stock, and make sure that everyone who wants a state house gets one.

This is the way to fix New Zealand. And we can do it. If only we had the will....

Unfortunately, Labour seems intent on half-pie wishy washy measures

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Im not keen on road tolls and cutting local content on TVNZ as well....

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Government's Consitiutional Review

If you have been living under a rock in this country, there has been various amounts of huffing and puffing about the make up of our consitiution, and whether we should become a republic, ditch the treaty, keep the treaty, do this, and do that. Helen Clark, subsequently has decided to make plans for a review into the consitiution. This will involve an inquiry into consitiutional issues by an all-party select committee, with a government department looking into the contraversial Treaty of Waitangi, which to be honest, insnt going to go away...like it or not. It was our founding document, even though it was poorly written with deceptive motives in the first place, and it is going to have some relevance, how big or little it is. See: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3090594a6160,00.html

So, my thoughts? Well, an indepth discussion of our consitiution can only be good for this nation of ours, seeing as we have been rather disunited recently, what with Don Brash's speech...which only inflamed resentment between Maori and Euro.. and having a National day with protest marches instead of celebration is not too hot for the national self esteem.

The National Party has accused the government of having a republican agenda, and indeed, there are hints that the possiblity of us becoming a republic will be touched on.

I have no problem with New Zealand becoming a republic. We cannot stay wedded to Britain for the rest of our lives, and we have to stand on our own two feet, and determine our own destiny. I would prefer a republic system where we have a contuinuation of the Westminster parliementary system, with some form of written consititution to define the proper roles of each branch of government (executive, judicial and legislative). The New Zealand President should have a cerimonial/figurehead role, the same as that of the Governor General, with the PM calling the shots as head of government. The biggest change would be the position of Speaker of the House. This role would become non-partisan and be transferred to the executive branch. In short, an MP will not be filling this role. MMP, the make up and number of parliament will be retained, and the Maori seats will also be retained. Detractors of the Maori seats tend to forget that the Maori were in charge before the British came, and the British had to negotiate with the Maori to gain soveriegnty over New Zealand.

A move to republicanism should be decided in a binding referendum, prefelably during an election to guarantee a bigger turnout, and it should be made after all treaty settlements are completed. Therefore, we can truly move on together, both Maori and Euro, as a nation.

That said, there is no rush to become a republic. It will eventually come, but until then, I have no problem with saying "Rule Britannia".

Thursday, November 11, 2004

And so, it begins..

I have done it before, but I am doing it now for real....that's right....a political blog. My name is Brendon Mills. But, I am known on various political, dating and chat sites as 'Millsy'. People think I am nuts. People think I say stupid things, people think I shit-stir, people think I live only to give insults. People like me, people dont. On the surface, I am a left winger. Indeed, I support all the warm fuzzy ideas such as public ownership and operation of infrastructure (not those wimpy 'private public partnerships' where the private sector calls the shots and the term 'public' is just an afterthought to make us sleep better at night.), free universal health and education where NOONE is left out (As defined in the universal declaration of human rights), a living wage and protection of workers rights, the right of workers to form unions and bargain for better pay and condition, to be upheld at gunpoint if nessesary. I belive in cheap public housing, and a safety net for the poor - at reasonable levels. I belive in dignity for all human beings, and the right of everyone to parcipitate in society. You know, all those things. I have various views on other things, such as the 'international situation', and so-called social and family issues, on which I belive to be somewhere between liberal and conservative However, these views will be voiced as this blog progresses. And dont worry, I plan on floating some constructive ideas, too :-)

And woe betide those who are opposed to those consepts and ideas. On this blog, I will pull no punches. Bascially, no-one will be safe, apart from those close to be. If I belive that someone is a right-wing incompassionate prick, I will say so, whether it be that arch-free-marketeer, Don Brash, or the perineal basher of single mothers, the disgusting little strumpet, Lindsay Mitchell. No-one is safe. Look out right-wingers, Millsy is here, and he will say what his fellow lefties can only dream. The left are wimps. But not me. Its time to kick some ass for humanity......